LOOK: The ‘Celine Dion mixtape’ meme is just pure fire

Gelo Lasin

Celine Dion goes hip-hop?

A few days ago, the Celine Dion posted this photo of her wearing a blindingly yellow coat and pantsuit combo while manspreading like there’s no tomorrow – while exuding the kind of swagger that simply cannot be touched.

Twitter caught wind of the iconic singer’s photo, and with a pose like that, the Internet simply couldn’t help but ask – what would Celine’s albums be named as if she ever decides to go full J-Cole?



The answers, were of course, hilarious.

Now THIS is an adaptation I can get behind.



Your mom’s fave hit – remixed



 Yes, she is



Tupac would be proud



When the hood takes over



Celine feat. Drake?



This last one killed me