These celebs got ‘Let’s Shave November’-ed and we’re ROFL

Gelo Lasin

This is just too funny

In case you weren’t aware, this  month is ‘No-Shave November’ or ‘Movember’ in short. The gist is that men all over the world will ditch their razors until December 1st in an effort to raise awareness for cancer.

The idea is that the money you’ll save from not getting a cut could otherwise be donated to a cause championing the fight against cancer.

While the initial intentions were pure, the movement has also become a parody of sorts, spawning funny challenges and amusing memes.

One good example is a viral post from Trish Asuncion, who decided to turn ‘Movember’ into ‘Let’s Shave November’ featuring popular celebs.

The results are downright hilarious.

James Reid


Joshua Garcia


Tony Labrusca


Enrique Gil


Jhong Hilario

Vhong Navarro


Ryan Bang


Noli De Castro


Daniel Padilla


Piolo Pascual

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