Cebu street food is the star of Netflix’s new series

Gelo Lasin

The world is about to get a glimpse at some old-fashioned, Filipino-style cooking

Netflix recently revealed a peek at its new show ‘Street Food’ which will showcase the best culinary offerings of nine cities across Asia.

Included in the series are Cebu and its signature dishes such as lechon, tuslab-buwa (pig brain sauce) and nilarang bakasi (reef eel stew).

But more than just food, ‘Street Food’ will also tell the inspiring stories of the people behind the famous dishes and the struggles and triumphs of running the businesses that popularized the cuisine.

Aside from Cebu, the show will also visit cities in Thailand, Indonesia, South Korean, Japan, Indonesia, Singapore, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

‘Street Food’ drops on Netflix on April 26.

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