This Carlos Yulo – Mark Bautista issue proves people are petty AF



In another episode of people making a big deal out of everything, Carlos Yulo and Mark Bautista have made headlines after the SEA Games medalist shared a congratulatory DM from the singer.

‘Congrats man! Amazing’, reads a screenshot of Bautista’s message. Yulo, who seems to be a fan of the artist, wrote ‘Okay I’m shocked. He messaged me and he followed me aswell wtf?!’


What’s the issue, you ask? Nothing. That it. That’s literally the tweet. And yet despite its simplicity, Twitter has somehow birthed an issue from a three-word interaction.

Take your pick: whether it’s implying that Bautista has less-than-ideal intentions for Yulo, or people straight up faulting the athlete for creating an issue by posting the screenshot, the responses are the epitome of a social media cesspool.




First of all, it’s not Yulo’s fault if people have maliciously misinterpreted such a simple message from Bautista. He has absolutely no obligation if you’re a daft individual who sees sexual undertones in what’s supposed to be a basic human interaction.

It’s not Bautista’s fault either if people will give a double meaning to his every move ever since he came out as bisexual in 2018. No, it’s these critics’ fault for having such a backwards mindset in this day and age.

And in case the idea is still somehow lost on the detractors, here’s Yulo with an all-too-nice explanation for his haters:

‘Kindness, message of encouragement and appreciation is not a sign of flirting’.