Carlo Aquino’s ex-partner Trina Candaza: ‘ang convenient pala maging lalaki’


To this day, we still live in a patriarchal society where men are praised for the bare minimum, while women often face scrutiny for the littlest mistakes.

Single mother Trina Candaza opens up about this stark difference in how society sees single mothers and absent fathers in a recent interview.

It is without doubt and denial that we still currently live in a patriarchal society with standards that are more often than not, critical to women. Apart from the objectification women face daily, higher standards are often imposed on women. This criticality includes how they are as mothers.

Trina Candaza, the former partner of actor Carlo Aquino, who she continues to co-parent their daughter Enola Mithi with, opened up about the double standards set by society for mothers and fathers.

In an interview with Ogie Diaz, she refutes the actor’s statement about him providing for both her and their daughter. Trina said that it was offensive to her as she is also working to be able to contribute to the expenses apart from being the one caring for their child.

The influencer also mentioned how she noticed society is generally crueler to single mothers. “Kapag ang lalaki nagbigay ng sustento for a month mabuting tatay na sila.” Trina tearfully tells Ogie. “Pero kapag sa mga single moms, nagtatrabaho kami, inaalagaan namin ‘yung mga anak namin. Pero once na may mail kaming magawa, masamang ina na kami.”

Sadly, Trina’s general observation seem to resonate with a lot of people as comments and posts agreeing with her sentiment immediately flooded online.

Trina also counters Carlo’s claims in his recent interview, saying he is being barred from seeing their daughter. Apparently, Trina has been open to letting the actor who is now reported to be dating actress Charlie Dizon, add that he was the one that doesn’t visit.

It is devastating that society in this day and age still has toxic stereotypes and gender roles. Society should stop praising absent fathers for doing the bare minimum such as providing for their children and stop crucifying single mothers for trying their best to get by alone. At the end of the day, these go further than just them as individuals because this affects a child.

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