Carlo Aquino and Vilma Santos’ reunion turned our hearts into mush

    Gelo Lasin

    You can’t call yourself a 90’s kid if you didn’t know about Carlo Aquino and his famous line in ‘Bata, Bata, Paano Ka Ginawa?’

    20 years later, Vilma Santos reenacted the iconic scene with her reel life son, but instead of ending it with a mind-numbing slap (that still has to sting, right?), she adorably gave Carlo a peck on the cheek. Awww!


    Tbh, what really got us is the actress’ ecstatic reaction over the reunion, where she can be heard saying ‘Oh my god, my son, si Carlo!’ and her ‘Yakapin mo si Mommy!’ remark as the duo posed for a snap.

    Ugh, brb, the feels are just too much.