‘Carlo Aquino in college’ is our new fave Twitter fanfic

Gelo Lasin

In case you’re not in the loop, Carlo Aquino is now starring alongside Nadine Lustre’s new film ‘Ulan.’

Judging by the limited set teasers so far, it looks like the pair will be portraying college students from a certain prestigious university in Diliman.

But since the cast and crew have been notoriously tight-lipped about the entire flick since production began, Twitter took it upon itself to create hilarious guesses about the film’s plot – and share a few hugots as well.

Carlo is a ghost, confirmed

We’re getting a ‘Goyo’ vibe here

Ilabas mo lang sis. Therapeutic yan

The silent killer


There’s actually a term for that. It starts with a ‘fucc’ and ends with a ‘boi’

Only UP students will understand

M. Night Shyamalan over here

When you know he’s bad, but you just can’t resist

Even Nadine’s Maya got her share of theories as well

But seriously, asking the real questions here

Eat your heart out, kolehiyalas

Carlo Aquino, ‘Carlo Aquino in college’ is our new fave Twitter fanfic