Fill in the blank: Today I’m struggling with ___________.

The prompt above and a few other questions are topics you can find inside We’re Not Really Stranger’s new card pack. The Healing Edition card game is its latest addition to their line and is dedicated to those who want to self-reflect on their mental health journey.

The card game features three different levels: perception, connection, and reflection. It also features wildcards containing questions like What’s one small way you can make it up to yourself? and What does prioritizing your mental health look like in this chapter of your life? Get specific. 

We’re Not Really Strangers or WNRS (pronounced as winners) was launched in November 2018 by a Los Angeles-based artist named Koreen Odiney. She created the card game to bring “empowering meaningful connections with others.” WNRS and its compelling game mechanic has proven to be popular, boasting an Instagram page with 4 million followers

Odiney shared on WNRS’ recent post, ‘if you’re not speaking your truth you’re storing it. and that gets heavy. this edition is an invitation to get it all off your chest. first to yourself, and when it feels right, even to someone else. ready?’ 

You can now grab your own set of cards on their official website. One pack costs $12 or approximately Php. 600. 25 percent of profits will be donated to The Jed Foundation in honor of Mental Health Awareness Month.