We can’t get over KZ Tandingan’s explosive debut on ‘Singer 2018’

Gil Cadiz

KZ Tandingan is not done with nailing singing competitions just yet. She’s already established a thriving career after winning the first X-Factor Philippines in 2012, but she’s back to competing again this time internationally on “Singer 2018,” the second season of the Chinese television series “Singer.”

The show works by inviting talented professional singers from different countries to perform for a selected audience that votes to eliminate one participant every week after which another singer joins the tilt and so the lineup of artists varies excitingly in the show’s duration.

KZ was introduced to the audience in last week’s episode (Episode 5), where she met for the very first time her teenage idol, British pop star Jessie J whom she’s up against in the show.

KZ is seen hyperventilating and tearing up when she came face to face with Jessie J and told her, “When I was in high school, I almost stopped singing because I couldn’t reach the high notes anymore, because I had a polyp on my vocal chords. And then I heard you, and I then I realized that I just have to hit those high notes to make a difference as a singer, so I started singing again and who I am as an artist now – a big chunk of that is because of you.” Jessie J gave her a big hug after hearing all that.

And then came KZ’s turn to perform – she delivered a jazzy take on Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and she absolutely killed it! Her energy was infectious, her vocals were soulful and powerful, and she poured her heart and soul into what could be the best performance of her career by far. Midway into the song, just when everyone thought they’re seeing the best that she can do, she bursts into fast rapping in Tagalog and that sealed the deal!

At the end of the episode, KZ was declared the winner and Jessie J had to settle for second place. They will both return to the show next week to do another round of performances.

Thanks to a thoughtful netizen, we can watch the episode’s highlights here:

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