Someone did a case study on the top canned sardines in PH


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With most food establishments closed and supermarkets fielding limited options, the current lockdown has challenged people’s cooking skills. And if hotdog sinigangs tell us anything, it’s that not everyone is blessed with mom’s touch in the kitchen.

Thanks to these limitations, the pvblic has now resorted to the ever-so-reliable and ready-to-eat canned goods. But the thing is, there are so many options to choose from, especially with sardines. Luckily, Diuvs De Jesus has crafted a ‘comparative analysis’ of our preserved faves – and it’s equal parts amusing and helpful.

Comparative Analysis of Canned Sardines Brands in the PhilippinesUPDATED! I added sodium content and SM supermarket…

Posted by Diuvs De Jesus on Saturday, March 28, 2020


De Jesus’ study broked down Ligo, Mega, 555 and Young’s Town based on the following: The pieces per can, the length of the sardine, saltiness, price, plus calorie and sodium content.

The post, which should be a legit published paper tbh, also has its own graph detailing the data. De Jesus’ clarifies that he only sampled the regular flavors of each brand and that the taste test is based on his own preference.

De Jesus, who seems to work as a marine biologist, also offered to amp up the reliability of the study by determining the species of the sardines. There’s no need legend; you’ve done God’s work as it is.

sardines, <b> Someone did a case study on the top canned sardines in PH </b>


Banner: Diuvs De Jesus