Canada says yes to weed – with reservations

Gelo Lasin

In case you haven’t heard, Canada just turned your pothead dreams into reality by legalizing recreational marijuana.

But before you hitch a flight to the North American country and smoke your first joint, there is actually a crapton of laws and regulations scattered across Canada’s 13 provinces which you need to be aware of.

Here’s a summary:

What age can you legally smoke?

For most of Canada’s cities, the minimum age required to buy or use cannabis is 19. However, Alberta and Quebec have it set at 18, but the latter plans to change it to 21 in the near future.

A valid I.D is also a must-have in every transaction.

Kids can too, right?

Are you nuts? Unless you want to spend up to 14 years in prison, keep the pot away from your children.

Some provinces are so strict that they even made it illegal for underage kids to enter a marijuana store, so hid yo’ kids when you’re out to buy.

Where can you actually buy weed?

Again, it depends on which province you’re in.

Some will have cannabis available only in government stores while others only in private ones. One thing’s for sure: bars and restos aren’t allowed to distribute the product. Ordering online IS legal across the country tho.

Bottom line is: you need a license to sell pot, so if someone offers you their weed for a price, then its prob best to say no.

How much can you possess, share and carry?

30 grams, just enough to roll around 60 joints.

Can I smoke anywhere?

You can in the privacy of your own home and in other public establishments UNLESS specifically stated by your province otherwise.

Again, it’ll depend on which territory you’re in.

Will I be able to grow my own marijuana?

You’re allowed to own up to four pots of…well, pot EXCEPT if you’re living in Quebec and Manitoba, which banned doing so altogether.

Can you smoke and drive?

Is it safe to drink and drive? The same thing applies here. Smoking weed impairs your senses, so doing so while driving is illegal.

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