Can you guess if these news headlines are real or fake?

Kat Mayuga

Philippine politics is one big circus and our everyday lives have become a comedy show. With all the ridiculous news we’ve been seeing on a daily basis, the line that divides reality and satire is becoming blurry.

Below are five funny news headlines. Try to guess which ones are real and which ones are fake/satire. We dare you to get a perfect score.

1. Solon wants to turn around Rizal Monument to face Manila

A few years ago, Torre de Manila was in the center of a controversy. People didn’t like how the building ruins the view of the famous Rizal Monument. It was even dubbed the “pambansang photobomber.” According to this headline, a congressman suggested that instead of removing the building, why don’t they give a 180-degree turn to the monument of Rizal. Netizens were quick to say “si Rizal pa ang mag-aadjust?!” upon hearing the news.

Real or fake: Real

2. Facebook downtime may have been caused by Filipino intern

In this day and age, social media has become an important tool in keeping abreast of the latest news. That’s why people get pissed whenever Facebook experiences down time. This headline is not one of those which will make you say #PinoyPride, so luckily, this one is fake. It was posted by The Philippine Chronicle which is currently down.

Real or fake: Fake

3. Basura, itinapon sa Manila Bay para sa ‘publicity’ ng cleanup drive

A year ago, Manila Mayor Erap Estrada hosted a cleanup drive in Manila Bay. But what was supposed to be an eco-friendly event became counter-productive based on this headline. They decided to throw garbage in the bay just so they could pick them up for photo-ops. It’s like a scene out of a sitcom but in real life. The story made a lot of Filipinos “facepalm.”

Real or Fake: Real

4. Duterte to Ban Posting of Spoilers on Social Media

This is the kind of news that would excite movie buffs. Admit it, too many people have been victims of spoilers on social media. In some instances, it even caused destroyed relationships between friends. I think some people will feel sad when they learn that this one is fake.

Real or Fake: Fake

5. Paglanghap ng utot, mabisang pampababa ng highblood

Some people go to great lengths to make sure their health is in tip-top shape. But how many would actually go as far as inhaling fart? They say that laughter is the best medicine, so I guess you’ll be hospital-free for a while after learning that the headline above is true.

Real or Fake: Real

Did you have a hard time guessing which ones are legit and which ones are fake? I don’t blame you. Based on the headlines alone, some stories are ridiculous and funny enough to pass as satire. Because of this, we must be more cautious when we share information. Don’t forget to fact-check first before sharing!

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