Can The Philippines Win Again Next Year’s Miss Earth?

We The Pvblic

A Pinay beauty is crowned again! Following the triumph of Philippines’ Jamie Herrell in Miss Earth 2014, Angelia Ong (Philippines!) took the pleasure of making her countrymen proud as she marked a back-to-back victory in a pageant of beauty for a cause.

Amazeballs! Now, for the Philippines to get the crown again next year, here are the similarities of the two Pinay queens:

That “i don’t give a shit, look at me bitches attitude” while strutting that swimsuit

MSEARTH_NO1Fellow Filipina Joey Mead King as host

MSEARTH_NO2Backless evening gown + Hair laid on one side = ONPOINT

MSEARTH_NO3A Q&A video bomber.


Yes, the “Kahleesi mother of dragons of House Targaryen type-of-answer” as inspiration to move the people of the earth.

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And of course, the undying soul of supporters!






So the answer if the Philippines can claim next year’s crown?


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