Caffeine Addicts & Foodies: White Camp Coffee is going to be your next camping spot!

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Coffee is a vital drink for people who lack sleep as well as caffeine drinkers, and it’s lovely to know that White Camp Specialty Coffee & Kitchen specializes in getting your coffee fix just about right.

The cozy little gem opened just last January 7 and they’ve been crafting brewing methods, investing in coffee equipment and coffee beans for the regular coffee drinker.

Owner Ray Gollon with the Signature Frozen Chocolate drink

Ray Gollon, one of five owners, tells us that they concentrate in specialty coffee, which means the coffee beans they use are of specialty grade, being traceable.

“The aim of specialty coffee is to highlight the traceability of the coffee bean so we know where the coffee beans come from, we know how the different flavors should come out from it,” Gollon mentioned.

White Camp Specialty Coffee & Kitchen’s latte art

The beans used for espresso coffee are called Campfire, a blend of beans from Brazil and Indonesia. It’s for those who like their coffee strong with a kick. There’s a secondary blend called Adventure that deals with bean blends of Brazil, Colombia, and Ethiopia.

It’s the perfect chill spot too because the design of White Camp Coffee shies away from the usual rustic look of other coffee shops, and decided to go the total opposite by keeping it light and very minimalist.

“So that’s one of the aims of what we are trying to bring to the area in Quezon City – a specialty coffee experience. We call it Adventures for coffee,” he said. “That’s one of the offerings we have when we say that we are a café by heart. We have the traditional menu – the espressos, latte, and cappuccino.”

Espresso, Pour Over, and Explore menu options

On the middle side of the menu, there’s Pour Over, the single origin brew. There are different methods for brewing coffee such as Hario V60 (Coffee with fruitiness), Kalita Wave (Highlights boldness, or strong chocolatey taste), and Aeropress (Highlights the flavor nuances of the bean without bitterness, with low acidity).

“So that’s why we have those methods – to try and bring out the flavors of the coffee better, or best.”

“It’s really a specialty coffee or café by heart trying to bring out new experiences in coffee with the different coffee bean origins that are traceable. But at the same time, we wanted to maximize the space; we wanted to maximize the experience,” he added. “Our proposition here is to also offer comfort food. The cuisine we chose, the influences are actually Asian. Korean Fried Chicken, Teriyaki Melt (Asian Japanese), and also Pinoy.”

An Asian twist — Korean Fried Chicken

“We wanted to highlight Asian influence. Just to be a little distinct, a little different,” Gollon said. “It’s basically in line with the playfulness of coffee flavors, we also wanted to bring out a certain experience when it comes to the food. Items that you don’t really see together, like Miso and Carbonara, Nori and Pesto, that we feel we can share and go well together.”

L-R: Korean Fried Chicken with Garlic Rice, Miso Carbonara, S’Mores Waffle, Cheesy Wonton with Truffle Honey

The logo is actually inspired by a compass. Gollon says, “It’s like a pointed star, parang North Star. Kasi, the aim of White Camp – it’s white because we wanted a minimalist feel, something easy on the eyes. Everything is white or light colored. Camp kasi we wanted it to be like an adventure. Since we have different flavors of coffee, yung mga twists in the food – it’s like a coffee and dining adventure for the customer. That’s what we want to impart basically. Making coffee approachable, making food approachable.”

“When you camp, diba you hold the compass, you hold the North Star to guide you in your journey. It’s like that. Our aim is for customers to have a different experience sa coffee and food. So we have these different offerings.”


Espresso: Mixed, depends on your liking.  Americano or Long Black for black coffee. Flat White, Latte or Cappuccino for coffee with milk.

Pour Over: Mixed since there are different origins.

Explore: Signature Frozen Chocolate. No coffee involved. Ice blended chocolate with whip cream.

White Camp Specialty Coffee & Kitchen will nonetheless provide you a delightful stay. Let the North Star guide you into its camping site soon!

Address: 62 Sgt. Esguerra Ave, Diliman, Quezon City, 1103 Metro Manila

Operating Hours: 8 am – 11 pm daily (Closed on Sunday)

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