PH’s ‘Honesty Bus’ fails, proving we’re all selfish AF

Gelo Lasin

Here we go again

Green Frog Hybrid Bus Company had this ambitious concept of an ‘Honesty System’, wherein passengers would be trusted to pay the fare of their own free will.

Green Frog Bus – Facebook

It’s certainly an admirable idea. I mean, a lesson in discipline is always a plus. Besides, having a little faith in each other comes a long way, right?

Well, it seems that having faith in Filipinos (or in their honesty, at least) is futile, as the bus firm gave up on the ‘Honesty System’ after a week. Apparently, over 30% of the commuters were selfish pricks.

It’s not the first time that such a practice crashed and burned. Just two months ago, the Manila Police District closed down its ‘Honesty Store‘ after it lost PHP 20k over a six-month run.

If there’s anything that these failed experiments prove, it’s that when it comes to stanning positive change in our country, most Filipinos simply can’t walk the talk.

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