PH’s ‘Honesty Bus’ fails, proving we’re all selfish AF

Gelo Lasin

Here we go again

Green Frog Hybrid Bus Company┬áhad this ambitious concept of an ‘Honesty System’, wherein passengers would be trusted to pay the fare of their own free will.

Green Frog Bus – Facebook

It’s certainly an admirable idea. I mean, a lesson in discipline is always a plus. Besides, having a little faith in each other comes a long way, right?

Well, it seems that having faith in Filipinos (or in their honesty, at least) is futile, as the bus firm gave up on the ‘Honesty System’ after a week. Apparently, over 30% of the commuters were selfish pricks.

It’s not the first time that such a practice crashed and burned. Just two months ago, the Manila Police District closed down its ‘Honesty Store‘ after it lost PHP 20k over a six-month run.

If there’s anything that these failed experiments prove, it’s that when it comes to stanning positive change in our country, most Filipinos simply can’t walk the talk.