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Yes, the BTS Meal is just glorified chicken nuggets. But that doesn’t matter


ICYMI, (but seriously, how can you?), Mcdonalds’ BTS Meal is now in the Philippines. In a country that might as well count K-Pop as its unofficial religion, it’s a pretty big deal.

In anticipation of the tsunami of ARMYs, McDo PH gave customers the option to reserve the BTS Meal a few days prior to its release – a first for any new offering, as far as we know. They also limited the number of orders per customer.

McDonald’s restos have been decked in purple. Their dance crews are dancing to ‘Butter’.  Other corporations, like clockwork, were quick to get into the trend. Here’s the Mall of Asia lighting up their globe in celebration.

With all of this fuss, you would think that the BTS Meal is like the Holy Grail of fast-food items. Is it a new sandwich recipe that remained hidden for 100 years? Is it a drink formula that no one has tasted before? Will a Korean boyband literally show up to serenade you with every bite?

In reality, at 270 pesos, the BTS Meal is made of 10-pieces of chicken nuggets, a medium-sized drink, and medium fries. The Sweet Chili and Cajun sauce are new, but that’s pretty much it.

Non-K-Pop fans might think, ‘Well, this is a rip-off!’, or ‘This is capitalism at work! Don’t fall for it!’. In a sense, you would be correct.

As of right now, anyone could literally take a random ball, say that it’s been signed and ‘kissed’ by one of the members of BTS, and it would sell for a thousand dollars. It’s true because it really happened.

BTS meal, <b> Yes, the BTS Meal is just glorified chicken nuggets. But that doesn&#8217;t matter </b>

So if you’re a non-BTS stan like us, it would be easy to call ARMYs sheeple. But we’re here to offer you one life-changing tip: Just let people f*cking enjoy themselves.

Not every purchase needs a laundry list of justifications. Or an intensive rationale behind it. Sometimes you just buy things because they make you feel good.

It’s the reason why you would buy a plain, paper-thin blouse from an upscale mall for 2k pesos, when you can get roughly the same in Divisoria at a much cheaper price. Or why you keep buying white sneakers, even if you already have a dozen similar styles in your collection.

Sometimes, you just buy for the experience, not for the practicality. And not everything has to make sense from your standpoint, because the universe isn’t about you. People find value in different things. For different reasons.

BTS meal, <b> Yes, the BTS Meal is just glorified chicken nuggets. But that doesn&#8217;t matter </b>
Jon Tyson – Unsplash

So if 2000 medical frontliners can find a sense of reprieve in a pack of glorified chicken nuggets, then good for them. No one needs your holier-than-thou posturing. Be happy for them, and for the other K-pop stans who find temporary solace in what has been an otherwise tough 2 years.

God knows we all deserve a break.

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