BT21’s ‘Tata’ has a sib called ‘Titi’ and ARMYs are losing it

Gelo Lasin

Twitter was having a pretty mundane afternoon today when the word ‘Titi’ suddenly became the top trending topic in the Philippines.

And since genitals don’t usually go viral without a controversial reason, my curious self couldn’t resist checking it out.

Was it another unfortunate celeb whose private vid leaked on the Internet? Have Filipinos finally become more open with tackling topics related to sex?

Nope, it turns out that a certain BT21 character called ‘Tata‘ was revealed to have a sib called ‘Titi’. And since the word basically means ‘penis’ in Filipino, ARMYs simply couldn’t handle the news.







In case you have little to zero knowledge of anything related to K-Pop (I feel you), ‘Tata‘ is an ‘alien with a heart-shaped head’ who’s a part of BT21: a group of characters which represent each member of the boyband, BTS.

Tata’s creator, Kim Taehyung (aka ‘V‘), introduced the character’s backstory in a vid titled ‘BT21 Universe’, where he reveals that Tata has a dad called ‘Fafa’ and sibs named ‘Tutu’ and ‘Titi’.

Watch the vid here:

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