Brutally honest reasons why we hate Palawan

Gelo Lasin

Palawan is one of the dullest places on Earth.

They say the beaches are captivating. Pfft, as if.

They really aren’t.

Not. at. all.

There’s even an ilog nearby. Ewww.

Totally not cool

Just your regular shitty creek

Even the seas are overcrowded

The creatures are terrifying

The colors will hurt your eyes

It aint IG-worthy enough


Gonna need a ton of filters for this

The food *barf*

Will stick to fast food, thanks

You’ll get bored easily.


Legit eyesore

The locals aren’t friendly

They’re snobs

You won’t smile. At all.

So why do we hate Palawan again?

Because it’s just absolutely the worst
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