6 reasons why Brooklyn 99 fans will love The Good Place too

Kat Mayuga

Brooklyn 99 has been successful in hyping up its fans for the next season and the ordeal has been nothing but thrilling.

But while the long-awaited season 6 is not yet here, fans can fill the void by watching another great comedy show called The Good Place. Here are a few reasons why we think Brooklyn 99 fans will most likely adore this comedy show as well.


1. The Good Place was also made by Michael Schur, the creator of Brooklyn 99


A few minutes into the show and you’ll find a familiar name in the opening credits. That is because The Good Place is also made by Michael Schur, the mind behind your favorite police squad. He seems to have mastered the perfect formula for a great comedy show so expect to get the same humor and goodness of Brooklyn 99.

2. You’ll see familiar faces from the police squad

It’s no coincidence that you’ll also get to see some old pals from the other show. But for now, we won’t tell who in order to keep this article spoiler-free. Do you have any guesses? I’ll bet my bottom dollar that a lot of you are wishing that Cheddar the dog has a cameo.

3. It’s hilarious without using offending jokes

One of the main reasons why Brooklyn 99 is adored by many is that the show doesn’t make use of sexist and racist jokes just for the sake of making someone laugh. Fortunately, The Good Place has followed its footsteps. After all, it’s almost 2019! Sexism and racism should be a thing of the past already.

4. The characters are interesting and relatable


Just like in Brooklyn 99, it’s easy for viewers to become attached to the characters of The Good Place. Schur has this magical way of making people understand what the characters are going through. For example, in B99, many of us have no idea what a day in a police officer’s life looks like. But because of its great storytelling, fans were able to see a part of themselves in the characters. The same is true for The Good Place. At first, the characters might appear to be almost perfect. But as you dig deeper into it, you’ll realize that they’re just ordinary people like us. Good people can make mistakes too!

5. It has proper representation of people of color

Whitewashing and lack of representation of POC have been hot topics in the film industry. That’s why viewers appreciated B99’s attempt at diversity. The same can be said for The Good Place, whose cast come from different walks of life. Out of the 5 main characters, only 2 of them are white. One of the cast is Pakistani-British, another one is black American, and the other one is Pinoy. I can already hear someone screaming “Pinoy Pride!”

6. It will make you reevaluate your values


Beneath its hilarious scenes is a lesson we can all learn from. One takeaway from the show is that even a horrible person can improve and become a good one. The world has enough toxicity in it. Let this show be a reminder that it doesn’t cost anything to be kind to other people.

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