British PM Boris Johnson might’ve just paid tribute to Filipino frontliners


It might’ve been just a nice coincidence, but some Filipinos see Boris Johnson’s latest display as a lowkey shoutout to Filipino healthcare workers in Britain.

The Prime Minister was spotted donning a holiday shirt with the name ‘Philippines’ during a jog on his road to recovery after testing positive for COVID-19. Johnson spent months in intensive care, where he credits his survival to public healthcare workers.

boris johnson, <b> British PM Boris Johnson might&#8217;ve just paid tribute to Filipino frontliners </b>

It’s estimated that around 21,000 Filipino frontliners are currently working in the UK’s public and private hospitals. And while a number have since died in the fight against the virus, their efforts haven’t gone unnoticed.

Many credit Filipinos for keeping the health system afloat, including British TV personality Piers Morgan who thanked the latter on a live broadcast.

‘Thank you to all the Filipinos who are here doing all this amazing work and to every other working in the NHS (National Health Service) currently’. he said.

‘I hope at the end of this, we’ll have a, perhaps a different sentiment, a different feeling about what immigration has done for this country’.