Brands are ‘dunking’ on McDonald’s ‘Cheese Dunk’ and the Internet is loving it


This is the bardagulan we enjoy

Since McDonald’s Philippines released their newest offer, the ‘Cheese Dunk’, other brands seem to have been participating in the ‘barDUNKgulan’ as coined by the Internet.

We love to see it.

A now-viral post by Facebook user Kuys Dyek updated the Internet on the latest ‘barDUNKgulan‘ going on between different brands following McDonald’s Philippines’ latest release, the ‘Cheese Dunk.’

The brands that joined the trend

The first brands that kickstarted the trend were fast-food chains KFC and Burger King with their somewhat shady posts.

KFC claimed they were ‘dunking since day 1′ with their OG chicken and gravy, while Burger King claimed, why dunk when their Four Cheese whopper is already oozing with cheese?

Following that is Army Navy, saying in a post that they dunk their tacos too. Claiming that this is the only dunk we should be talking about as it’s birria good.

However, McDonald’s, which triggered this online trend, definitely did not want to get left behind. They joined the trend with a post that read “Eh ‘di dunk.” which made the Internet tune in to the whole thing even more.

A lot more brands hopped on the trend as a result of trend-jacking as explained by Facebook user Antonni D. Cuesta in a post as more brands, both big and small, continue to post marketing materials related to the ongoing trend.

Trend-jacking, also known as newsjacking, by definition of Equinet Academy, grabs the opportunity to both capitalize and exploit a current topic to strengthen brand association by breaking information or hashtags.

Knowing that, it really did work for other brands, like Mary Grace used the #barDUNKgulan to their advantage and seemed to have one of the best responses among those that joined the trend.

Which was your favorite #barDUNKgulan entry?

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