#BongbongNarcos trends after Duterte roasts a candidate for doing cocaine


The shadee

Remember when we said that Philippine politics is the best teleserye on air right now with all of the twists and drama that’ll come in the following months? President Duterte proved our point when he dropped a blind item about a presidential candidate who supposedly does cocaine.

The Prezzo dropped the bomb in the middle of his speech during a visit with a regional anti-communist task force in Mindoro.

‘I will not make it clear now. There is a presidential candidate na nag-cocaine’, said Duterte. Apart from the drug accusations, Duterte also questioned the candidate’s competency and is dumbfounded over the seemingly cultish adoration they receive from many Filipinos.

‘Anong nagawa nung taong yun? What contributions has he made para sa Pilipinas? Bakit ang Pilipino parang lokong-loko na supporting?’

Duterte, who launched a controversial campaign against illegal drugs, claimed that wealthy families from Manila and Davao were purveyors of the drug trade.

While initially claiming that he’s not out to create intrigue, the President couldn’t help but drop clues to the identity of the presidential aspirant, calling them ‘a very weak leader, except for the name’.

Duterte added that while the father is accomplished, the same cannot be said for the son. Despite his confusion, the Prezzo admits it’ll be up to Filipinos on who they’ll vote for in the 2022 elections.

Social media couldn’t help but make guesses of their own. The hashtags #SolidSnort and #BongbongNarcos littered reactions to the ‘blind item.’ As we’ve said, strap in your seatbelts, ’cause the next six months until the elections are going to be chaotic as hell.

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