Bongbong Marcos has a new position to complain about if he loses


Here we go again

After a failed run at Vice President and seemingly never-ending junked appeals, former senator Ferdinand ‘Bongbong’ Marcos Jr. has decided to try his luck at the presidency.

The son of the late dictator Ferdinand Marcos announced his intentions in a pre-recorded speech uploaded on his social media channels. As with usual campaign speeches, Marcos credits his campaign to his desire to help Filipinos rise above the current COVID crisis, as well as his supposed brand of ‘unifying leadership’.

It can be remembered that Marcos spent the majority of the last five years disputing the legitimacy of Leni Robredo’s vice presidential win. The Supreme Court would eventually junk Marcos’ appeal, and Robredo’s lead would widen further, but not before his camp had promoted misinformation on unfound cheating allegations.

Marcos, <b> Bongbong Marcos has a new position to complain about if he loses </b>

Marcos’ presidential run comes as little surprise, given his performance in pre-election polls, and the furious disinformation campaign on social media by supporters in an attempt to revise one of the darkest periods in Philippine history.

Marcos himself hasn’t been subtle in his attempts. In 2020, former Cambridge Analytica employee Brittany Kaiser claimed that the former senator had approached the political data company to ‘rebrand’ the image of the Marcos family on social media.

‘So, as you call it historical revisionism, that’s exactly what it is, but it’s done in a data-driven and scientific way’, divulged Kaiser on Rappler Talk, saying that tests would be run until people started to change their opinions and attitudes towards a topic.

Marcos’ camp would later deny this claim.

Most recently, Marcos guested on a much-maligned episode of Toni Gonzaga’s Toni Talks. The former attempted to humanize his late father, a well-known human rights violator, dictator, and plunderer who was ousted in 1986 during the EDSA Revolution.

Fast forward thirty-five years later, with the testimonies of human rights victims, unexplained wealth, and pending plunder cases that continue to haunt the Marcos family to this day, it will be up to Filipinos once again to decide who should be worthy of their vote.

Marcos, <b> Bongbong Marcos has a new position to complain about if he loses </b>

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