Let’s not forget Bong Joon-Ho’s interpreter Sharon Choi – the true MVP


With Parasite‘s historic wins at the 92nd Academy Awards, the spotlight has largely fallen on director Bong Joon-Ho and his cast. But lest we forget, another individual is also responsible for the Korean film’s success outside of the big screen – Sharon Choi.

Sharen Choi, <b> Let&#8217;s not forget Bong Joon-Ho&#8217;s interpreter Sharon Choi &#8211; the true MVP </b>
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Known as Bong Joon-Ho’s translator, Choi has been by the director’s side in every interview and acceptance speech since Cannes. With her effortless eloquence and seamless translations of Joon-Ho’s wit, Choi has garnered her own fandom. Hell, she even has her own mixtape, courtesy of the Internet.


When asked in an interview about the positive reception and whether she ever felt nervous, Choi looked flustered and seemed to downplay all of the attention.

‘I’m just a huge fan of this film and all the filmmakers. So it’s been great. This is so embarrassing. But, yes, it’s been great.’, she said.

‘I’m always super anxious, but yes, thank you’.

For his part, Bong Joon-Ho is a huge fan of his long-time collaborator, citing multiple times that Choi is an aspiring filmmaker herself.

‘She’s perfect. We all depend on her and she’s a filmmaker’, he gushes. ‘She’s writing a feature-length script and I’m curious about it’.


It’s no secret that none of Joon-Ho’s most quotable lines, such as ‘the one-inch barrier of subtitles‘, would’ve come into fruition if it wasn’t for Choi’s excellent work. Here’s hoping we see more of her in the future, maybe even with her own ‘Best Picture’ film in tow.

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