From validating kids’ emotions to healing one’s inner child: Another blue dog is influencing the next generation


Move over Blue’s Clues, there’s a new Blue Dog influencing the next generation!

Bluey is more than a colorful cartoon for kids.

Bluey is an Australian kid’s TV Show about a family of dogs—mum Chilli Heeler, dad Bandit Heeler, and daughters Bluey and Bingo. The show revolves around their family antics, adventure, games, or a trip out. And often, these episodes have a moral lesson or deeper meaning behind them teaching the young Bluey and Bingo how to navigate the world.

Bluey, <b>From validating kids&#8217; emotions to healing one&#8217;s inner child: Another blue dog is influencing the next generation</b>
Dad (BANDIT), Mum (CHILLI), Bluey, Bingo (BLUEY’S SISTER).

What makes ‘Bluey’ stand out?

One thing you first notice is the animation and quality of the show—the attention to detail is impressive. Making an episode takes 4-5 months with a team of 50 to 600 people working on it from scripting, storyboarding, voice recording, animatic, background animation, VFX, music, and sound to sync across departments. The audience can feel the effort and love put into each frame of the show.

But beyond the colorful look of the show, its stories are what tugs at people’s heartstrings.

What is it about ‘Bluey’ that appeals to everyone?

The show’s relatability allows moms and dads to see how others like them struggle with parenting. In the show, Bandit, the dad, appears to be a model dad in a lot of ways; however, he’s far from perfect. It’s a refreshing take on cartoon fathers, who are at times seen as neglectful—Bandit actively tries to keep his cool even when his children are a handful.

The show not only validates the struggles of being a parent, but it’s also healing to watch for teens and young adults with strained relationships with their parents.

It’s authenticity

The Heelers are portrayed as an ordinary family. There are moments in the show where you catch a glimpse of the childlike wonder from Bluey and Bingo’s perspective while also seeing the frustrations and anxieties of parenting from Chilli and Bandit’s point of view. It’s never patronizing to one party or the other.

It is healing, despite the tension between sisters Bluey and Bingo and the parenting mistakes made by Chilli and Bandit. Ultimately it’s this realism that helps people connect with the show. It’s also aspirational, wishing parents had more time or patience to play with their children. 

It’s healing to see children being validated for just being children. The parents in Bluey don’t talk down to the kids when they are processing big and/or small feelings. The show doesn’t make them feel small or incapable. Chilli and Bandit talk to them as if they are mini-adults navigating the world around them. Coming from a culture where parents are usually regarded as a “high authority,” seeing a father apologize to their child without power-tripping is a breath of fresh air. It’s these little (and not-so-little) things that mend a lot of people’s inner children.

Bluey is available to stream on Disney+ and YouTube.

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