Black Widow skydiving is giving people major Endgame vibes


ICYMI, ‘Black Widow’ just dropped its new trailer – and it’s looking to be our early fave for 2020.

The prequel, which takes place after ‘Civil War’, follows Natasha as she is forced to face her past. The film is a welcome return for Scarlett Johansson, who seemingly left the MCU for good after her *spoiler alert* character’s demise in ‘Endgame’.

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Apparently, fans have missed her presence so much that they’re freaking out over a scene in the trailer, which sees Natasha skydiving like a badass, as it bears similarity to how she went out in the last Avengers movie.

Nevermind that ‘Black Widow’ basically serves as a flashback within the current MCU timeline, which means, yes, she’s still good as dead. Nothing can stop people from asking their precious Russian spy to stop practicing her own death – even if it’s inevitable.







Watch the trailer here: