‘Bibingka’ is one of the ‘best cakes’ worldwide, says survey


TasteAtlas, an international food website, has ranked sinigang as the best-rated vegetable soup worldwide, lumpiang shanghai as the best Filipino food, and balut as the worst food in SEA. Recently, the site announced that bibingka made it to the ‘best cakes in the world’ list.

On July 6, TasteAtlas posted a list of 50 cakes, where the OG Noche Buena delicacy landed in the 13th spot. The kakanin got 4.43 stars out of five, and it also Slovenia’s Kremna rezina, New York City’s molten chocolate cake, and Poland’s Sękacz.

Meanwhile, the cakes that ranked higher than the Filipino rice cake were mostly layered cake. The first three that topped the list were Bulgaria’s Torta Garash, Czech Republic’s Valašský frgál, and Russia’s Smetannik.

bibingka, <b> &#8216;Bibingka&#8217; is one of the &#8216;best cakes&#8217; worldwide, says survey</b>

TasteAtlas described the bibingka as a “simple” Filipino cake made of rice flour and water. It added, ‘Bibinka is believed to have appeared under the foreign culinary influence, and the first written reference describing a similar cake dates back to 1751.’

‘This original Filipino delicacy is usually associated with Christmastime, and it is traditionally enjoyed after the mass on Christmas Day. Bibingka is also often served for breakfast,’ the online food guide added.

Over time, bibingka was adapted with other ingredients and is now usually prepared with milk, eggs, coconut milk, sugar, and butter. Its modern takes may contain grated cheese, salted duck eggs, grated coconut, or different sweet and savory toppings.

bibingka, <b> &#8216;Bibingka&#8217; is one of the &#8216;best cakes&#8217; worldwide, says survey</b>

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