Beyonce and Jay-Z’s first new vid from their ‘Everything is Love’ album is visually stunning AF

Gelo Lasin

Bey and Zey slayin once again

With no advanced hype or promos, pop culture’s littest couple dropped their latest collab album titled ‘Everthing is Love’ – and the Internet STILL practically lost it.





But who we kiddin, they’re Beyonce and Jay-Z – collectively known as the Carters – and they need no introduction.

The first track off said album, titled ‘Apesh*t’, is pretty friggin dope (We’re lovin Jay-Z’s diss at the Grammy’s with “Tell the Grammys f*** that 0 for 8 shit/ Have you ever seen the crowd goin’ apes***?“), but it’s the visuals that made the entire thing even more EPIC.

When you look just as majestic as Mona Lisa


When you have the world at your hands – and you know it

Slayin like there’s no tomorrow


Watch the entire vid here:

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