‘Before The End’ shows a quarantined Celine and Jesse still tugging our heartstrings


Celine and Jesse forever

It’s been a while since we’ve heard the ‘Before’ trilogy’s Celine and Jesse have introspective convos, but in this new fanmade video – we learn that words aren’t really needed anymore.

In the 2-minute long clip titled ‘Before The End‘, we see separate clips of actors Julie Delpy and Ethan Hawke edited together to make it seem like Celine and Jesse on a video call – with the song ‘Come Here’ from the first movie’s OST for extra feels.

For fans, the scene serves as a familiar callback to the silent record store scene from the first film. With the pair still having undeniable chemistry onscreen, it feels as if Celine and Jesse are right here with us in quarantine.


For study purposes. Before the End responds to the ethos and fanbase of the Before series while considering the impact of the pandemic on filmmaking, films, fans and characters too.’ explains the video creator, Rob Stone, who refers the video as a ‘simulation‘ of a possible fourth film.

He furthers that the video is ‘showing how the juxtaposition of unrelated images will be read by a cinema audience as narrative, even though the projection of emotional connections between the images is, as here, entirely the construct of the audience.’

Long story short, ‘Before The End’ sees a quiet Celine and Jesse in a new and relevant light – one that’s lowkey comforting for a couple that’s always out and chatting it up.

before the end before sunrise, <b> &#8216;Before The End&#8217; shows a quarantined Celine and Jesse still tugging our heartstrings </b>