If you’re a certified meme connoisseur, you probably saw this viral tweet by a guy named Josh Swain. In April 2020, he posted a photo of a group chat with people who went by the same name. He also posted a screenshot of him inviting them to a battle and sent random coordinates. Whoever wins will get to keep the name.


Out of boredom and frustration of not getting ‘Josh Swain’ as a username, the Josh group chat was born. While his tweet ended up as a meme passed around on social media – the battle actually happened!

Josh hosted the battle and used it as a fundraising event for the Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Foundation. Things unexpectedly took a turn when hundreds of attendees, around 50 of them named Josh, showed up at Air Park in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Another Josh Swain attended the event and had a battle of rock-paper-scissors duel with the host, who won.

The following activities included a pool-noodle brawl that’s open to contestants whose name is – you guessed it right – Josh.

At the end of the day, a 4-year-old kid named Josh Vinson Jr., a.k.a. ‘Little Josh’, won the battle of the Joshes. He celebrated his victory by holding a wrestling champion belt and a Burger King paper crown. Apparently, Little Josh suffered from seizures when he was younger and had treatment at the Children’s Hospital. He also happened to be the recipient of the fundraising money.