Oscars outsold

In the aftermath of this messed-up year, PH Twitter is closing it out with one of the most iconic awards shows on the site: The Bardys 2020 – short for bardagulan or you know, all the messy fights that happened this 2020.

The #BARDYs is the first-of-its-kind Twitter awards show hosted by none other than Satan. We’re not kidding, it’s actually from user @ITSYABOISATANAS.

Aside from being the Prince of Darkness, 2020 has been hell enough that he now lots of free time, apparently.

Jokes aside, the #BARDYs actually has categories and even nominees for its 9 major awards including ‘Cinemalaria Best Picture’, ‘Best Notes App-ology’, and ‘Best Bardagulan Clapback‘, among others. People can also vote for their bets on a separate thread for transparency.

The nominees include some familiar Twitter handles, as well as famous faces like Maris Racal and TikTok’s Sassa Girl, who are head-to-head for the Rookie of the Year/Canne’sal Award (pronounced Kanal, duh).

Now, we don’t know who exactly this Satanas character is, but we’re guessing it’s someone pretty close to the PH Twitter scene, as they apparently even have a regularly updated spreadsheet of all the fights on the site. We commend the dedication.

In true Twitter fashion, some users found the #BARDYs a little too tactless, as it supposedly capitalizes on people’s online personality and ‘toxicity’ for clout. Though some explain that, c’mon, it’s just PH Twitter literally shitposting.

Either way, there’s still something oddly poetic about an actual bardagulan happening within Bardagulan 2020. Kalat-ception, if you will.

Meanwhile, the categories range from most epic clapbacks, viral reaction videos, to that one special person ‘na pinaka favorite niyong barda/kinuyog this year’. Ah, Twitter culture.


Check out the full categories and nominees here

Banner credit by Beatrix Zaragoza