Bangtan Boys top the list for the Golden Disc Awards performers

Vinz Lamorena

2017 was a good run for K-pop stans in the Philippines. It began with One Korea, then big names like G-dragon and BTS held their own sold-out concerts—with fans singing along to their songs before their favorite artists even came on stage.

But what if we tell you 2018 will be better and bigger with the Golden Disc Awards coming our way in January?

This is not a drill! So even when the final line-up of artists and nominees are even released, fans of every bias should already prepare their own live concert projects this early. Filipinos aren’t branded as the best stans for nothing, right?

There’s absolutely no shame in declaring we’re the ultimate trash for Korean artists. It would honestly be our K-pop dream come true if the Mall Of Asia Arena can hold all of our idols together, but we’ve come up with our (wish)list of performers on that golden day:


BTS Diary

The boys paid a visit in May for their Wings Tour, and we bet all the Filipino ARMY members are still riding on a music high til this day. The international music scene has been paying attention to our boys and it would be a shame if we didn’t give them some love.



The “Ko Ko Bop” challenge became a worldwide trend after the boy group released their comeback track. It’s time to dance to the live beats sang by these bad boys. The members have been trimmed down these past years but we’re still cheering for Suho and D.O. for sure!



They’ve been here a couple of times already, but all Shawols would agree that singing a handful of songs when they’re in Manila just isn’t enough. Anyone else who would like to hear old-school songs like “Replay” and “Juliette?”



Expect psychedelic numbers with G-dragon unapologetically showcasing his hip-hop and rap ingenuity. After releasing the EP “Kwon Ji Yong” (his real name!) this year, there’s no way the solo artist’s fans, as well as old-time Bigbang followers, will not want to see this badass in the flesh (again)!



Soulful and sexy, who wouldn’t want DEAN performing live at the GDA? We don’t mind the alternative R&B artist urging us to “Come Over” and basically telling us “What 2 Do.”

Red Velvet


They will definitely bring the “Red Flavor” here with their eternal summer personalities and sweet notes and dance moves.


Every guy in Korea is crazy about the Twice members, and who could blame them? Their “Shy Shy Shy” is such a fun and magnetic song that is memorized by all K-pop music fans.

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