Step aside Baby Yoda, the force is stronger with Baby Jabba


Meet the Internet’s newest mascots

ICYMI, the Internet’s heart has been melting for the mini version of a beloved childhood character – meet the 50-year old (yes, it’s 50!) Baby Yoda.

Introduced in the newest Star Wars spin-off series ‘The Mandalorian‘ on Disney+, Baby Yoda has been tugging heartstrings since his debut last November 15.


While the Internet cooed over the mini-me, artist Leonard Viti took it upon himself to replicate the cuteness with his own version of another familiar Star Wars character in baby-form.

Lo and behold, Baby Jabba The Hutt

Instagram – @leovitiart

Don’t worry, we’re not gonna ruin the moment by reminding you how Jabba ends up looking when he’s older. For now, let’s bask in the cuteness of the slug baby and his chubby little limbs.

Imagine him and Baby Yoda having a playdate, though!

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Banner art: Marx Fidel