The power of babies

Baby Shark‘ is officially on top of the YouTube game with over 7.049B views, beating Luis Fonsi’s ‘Despacito‘ by over 1M views.

The hit song formally titled ‘Baby Shark Dance | Sing and Dance!’ was uploaded by ‘PINKFONG Songs for Children‘ back on Jun 18, 2016 and has been growing ever since.

To make sense of just how crazy the view count is, it would take you around 30,187 years to reach ‘Baby Shark’s overall playtime. What bliss.

Despite being the cultural earworm it is now, the origin of the ‘Baby Shark’ is virtually unknown, as it’s believed to originate from American summer camps at the peak of the shark film ‘Jaws’ back in the 70s.

There’s really not much to the song save for a family of sharks, but if anything, it’s record win is a clear indication that more and more little kids (and their parents) are turning to online means for their entertainment fix.

baby shark youtube, <b> &#8216;Baby Shark&#8217; is now the most watched YouTube video with over 7B views </b>