Awkward Things That Happen in a Conversation

We The Pvblic

Having a conversation with someone when everything runs dry is just normal. It really does give you a strange feeling when it comes to the point where there is nothing else to discuss for many reasons. I guess, I’ve got nothing to say now. LOL! Well then, just go ahead and read.

1. When you have spent so much time thinking of a question to keep the conversation goingAC_1

2. When you have used all the possible answers to nonsense talk2

3. When you don’t really care about what he is saying3

4. When you are stuck in the middle when your friend sees another friend and they talk leaving you like a wall

5. When you crack a joke which is not funny at all

6. When you talk bluntly even when meeting someone for the first time6

7. When you do not agree with everything he/she says but you end up nodding still7

8. When you get and make a bad impressionAC_8

9. When you’re babbling too much and they just can’t handle your awesomenessAC_9

10. When both of you are in a complete silence10

Cue: *crickets’ sound*

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