A local dating site called ‘Ateneut’ is going viral for its name

Gelo Lasin

Look, I know college basketball fever is at an all-time high – and with good reason.

After UP made history for ending its UAAP Finals drought after 32 years, the Diliman-based squad is primed for a showdown with its neighbor/best bud, Ateneo. The Battle of Katipunan, The Battle of UP Town/Regis Center, call it whatever you want.

It’s going to be awesome.


But amidst the funny memes about UP’s historic win, one dating site managed to steal the spotlight with its amusing name which bears a strong resemblance to a Katipunan-based univ.

Called ‘Ateneut’, the recently launched dating service is a legit site which functions similarly to Facebook. You simply sign-up, add friends, then start chatting away at singles across PH.

It even has its own chatrooms, public forums, and places where you can track your ‘encounters’ and matches. The site is proving to be popular too (that name!) as new users are flocking in by the minute.

Despite the name, ‘Ateneut’ maintains that it’s in no way affiliated with Ateneo or any of its affiliates.

Still, that didn’t stop the pvblic from having their fun

The site DOES contain parody accounts


A couple referenced UP’s dating app, UPdate (we still prefer Hook-UP tho) which, unlike ‘Ateneut’, associates itself with the university.

This is def not the UAAP matchup we had in mind.

We feel dirty for laughing

Given the catchy, yet controversial name, we’re betting ‘Ateneut’ won’t be staying up for long. But until then, maybe you could try giving it a whirl? Who knows, you might just find ‘The One’

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