At Baguio’s BZA HomeArts Café, everyone is an artist!

Margaux Madamba

Three years ago, a mother of three, Donna Marie Navarrete, decided to start her own business in the art industry because of her passion for it. This was the birth of BZA Home Style Crafts, an arts and crafts shop in Baguio City where you can create rhinestone art and paintings.

What’s unique about BZA Home Style Crafts is that they have a guided map for you to bring your artworks to life which they call Paint By Numbers. So even if you’ve never held a paintbrush in your life before, you’ll end up making your own masterpiece and become an artist in the process!

BZA Home Style Crafts is also the first to ever introduce DIY 5D Rhinestone Art to the public which also has a guided map of where to stick the rhinestones for you to create beautiful and sparkly masterpieces.

The company sells Paint By Numbers and DIY 5D Rhinestone Art in packages with prices ranging from Php200 to Php3,000. These packages come with the complete set of the rhinestones or the paint, and other materials which make their prices very reasonable. BZA Home Style Crafts hopes to spread the message that everyone can become an artist, and this definitely comes true with their products.

A year after starting BZA Home Style Crafts, Ms. Navarrete and her family expanded the business into a café and furniture store called BZA HomeArts Café which is located at 1st Road, Quezon Hill, Baguio City. Yet another unique experience to the public, BZA HomeArts Café allows you to create art while you indulge in the wide variety of food and drinks that they offer.

If ordering food and buying their art packages aren’t enough, they also have a quaint furniture store where you can buy trinkets and other cool finds to decorate your home with.

If you aren’t the type of person who is fond of making art, you can opt to buy art pieces created by the owners and employees themselves. Their art pieces are sold at an average price of Php 2,000 and can be found on their Facebook page.

For people who love art, food, and Instagram-worthy places, BZA HomeArts Café is definitely the place to be when visiting Baguio City.

With friendly and accommodating staff, you’ll enjoy spending time at BZA HomeArts Café. They don’t just make you appreciate art even more than you already do, they also encourage you to become an artist yourself.

BZA Home Style Crafts has branches outside of Baguio City where you can buy their packages:

Market Market!
Taguig City, Metro Manila

MarQuee Mall

Angeles City, Pampanga

Lucky Chinatown

Binondo, Manila


Imus, Cavite

SM San Jose Del Monte


SM Baliuag


If you’re heading to Baguio and planning to drop by BZA HomeArts Café, you can check out their Facebook page to know more about them!

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