Astro Boy Fashion: Why the Internet is going crazy over MSCHF’s Big Red Boots


Ever wanted to have Astro Boy’s boots growing up? Well, now you can!

The iconic big red boots are literally stomping all over your social media feeds

Released on February 16, the Big Red Boot as it is literally called, took the Internet by storm the minute it got posted on social media by MSCHF. Now available on their MSCHF sneaker app, the Astro Boy-core pair cost $350 (19,433.75 PHP) and is currently sold out.


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Why is the Internet so obsessed with the boot that looked like a staple in the 1963 Osama Tezuka anime? It might be because of how ridiculously cartoonish it really looks! According to Daniel Greenberg, MSCHF co-founder, the pair was actually brought by experimentation. In an interview with Highsnobiety, the pair is “a realization of a specific sort of cartoonish abstraction of a shoe.” He further shares that the Big Red Boots are really not shaped like feet, whereas they are extremely shaped like boots.

That may be the reason why even local celebrities like actress Andrea Brillantes have been sporting the pair.


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We think she looks fabulous in it!

Apart from Andrea, other celebrities seen to have copped the pair are Janelle Monae, Lil Wayne, and Ciara.

In true Internet fashion, countless memes of the pair have also been circulating online.

This is also not the first time MSCHF made noise with their release. Last year, the brand made headlines with its ‘Satan Shoes’ with human blood on its sole. The release was a collaboration with the ‘Old Town Road’ singer Lil Nas X. Nike even filed a lawsuit as the collaboration dropped as reported by NBC News, stating that they had no relationship with the artist and the brand.

The product was a modified Nike Air Max 97s that even so much bore a swoosh logo on them.

Would you cop a pair of the Bid Red Boots?

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