A friggin skull asteroid is headed towards Earth

Gelo Lasin

It seems like the rest of the universe has caught up with humanity’s preference for memes, as it’s now hurtling a skull-shaped asteroid towards Earth – a few weeks before Halloween.


The grinning, 2,000-foot-wide space rock was first discovered way back in 2015, where it made its first drive-by exactly on Halloween.

It flew within 302,000 miles of Earth, or roughly 1.3 times the distance from your living room to the moon.

In short, we almost got killed by a meme from outer space.

This time, Asteroid 2015 TB145 (or Jack Skellington’s mug as I call it) seems to have grasped the concept of personal space in the last three years, as it’s only flying within 24 million miles of Earth, which is 80 times farther away than the last time.

It’ll also be arriving a few weeks late to this year’s Halloween party – November 11 to be exact – and won’t return until 2082, officially saving us from a potential ArmagHEADon in the meantime.

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