Uh, the new Apple AirPods kinda look like Pingu the Penguin


[Noot noot intensifies]

The Internet is back at it again to poke fun at the latest Apple product (before it eventually sells out). This time, the all-new Airpod Pro costing an unholy $250 – roughly PHP 12,700 – is in the spotlight.

Because of the Airpods’ new ear tip, Twitter has pointed out the new product’s uncanny resemblance to Pingu the Penguin, Bellsprout, and even the friggin’ Peashooter from Plants Vs. Zombies. TBH, they ain’t lying.





Aside from its meme-tastic design, the $250 Airpods Pingu – er, Pro –  boasts a noise-cancellation feature (hence the ear tip), sweat-resistance, and more.

It’s set to release in the U.S. on October 30, but there’s no word yet when the earphones will reach PH shores.