Apparently Jenna Ortega had COVID when filming her iconic ‘Wednesday’ dance scene


This maybe wasn’t the flex they thought it was.

Despite guidelines being a bit more lenient now, COVID is still here and we all still need to be careful.

From being one of the rising stars in Hollywood to gaining 10 million new Instagram followers in a day, Jenna Ortega is THE it girl of the season.

However, the 20-year-old playing the titular role in the new Netflix show ‘Wednesday’ is receiving a bit of backlash despite both old and new fans’ evident love for her. This is because apparently, she filmed her iconic Wednesday dance scene when she had COVID.

@dannyrayesHOW DID SHE DANCE ALL DAY WHILE SICK♬ original sound – Danny

It’s crazy because it was my first day with COVID so it was awful to film. I woke up and it’s weird, I never get sick and when I do it’s not very bad but I had the body aches.” said Jenna in an interview with NME. She also admitted to being given medicine in between takes as they were waiting for the positive test result.

Jenna did receive a lot of praise for choreographing the said scene turned TikTok trend, but fans of her and the show do acknowledge that it was irresponsible of her and the production team to continue the shoot while waiting for the swab test result.

The Internet thinks it was dangerous not only for Jenna to continue to work while she was sick, but also bad for the entire cast and crew of the show who could have gotten infected too.

Although the actress did get sent home once the positive test was confirmed, the Internet thinks she should have waited in isolation or been sent home immediately since she was already exhibiting the symptoms.

The production company also confirmed they had strict COVID protocols while filming.

The subject of working while sick seen as a badge of honor was also brought upon by the incident. The Internet thinks this isn’t a flex and it shouldn’t be normalized as it is extremely dangerous not just to oneself but to their co-workers as well.

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