Anyone else excited for Nintendo Labo?

We The Pvblic

Kids and kids-at-heart are wide-eyed with excitement for a new build-and-play experience in Nintendo Labo, a yet to be launched line of do-it-yourself kits for the Nintendo Switch. According to their website, building is just as much fun as playing with Nintendo Labo as it combines the magic of Nintendo Switch with the fun of DIY creations.

How does it work?

You transform sheets of cardboard into creations called Toy-Con projects and add your Nintendo Switch touchscreen or Joy-Con controllers into any of them to power it up. Each creation has a software that goes along with it, which is already included in the kit.

What are the Toy-Con projects available?

1. Variety Kit – includes five Toy-Con projects to create

  • Two RC cars
  • One fishing rod
  • One house
  • One motorbike
  • One 13-key piano

2. Robot Kit – comes with a full robot suit for players to create

At launch, the Variety Kit will cost $69.99 while the Robot Kit will set you back $79.99.

The Nintendo Labo line will hit the online stores on April 20, 2018 but you can preorder your preferred kit on Amazon or GameStop. Check out more FAQs here.

See some of the Toy-Con projects in action in this first look video.