Antonio Trillanes being a vlogger proves nothing is sacred anymore


Vlogging used to be so simple. Whether it’s about food, travel, or makeup, vlogs were safe spaces where we could escape the mundane and fantasize about lives far more interesting than ours.

But as proven by Antonio Trillanes, even this sacred place isn’t safe from the grimy hands of politics. The former senator just launched his own vlog called #TrillanesExplains¬†(or #TRx)¬†where he plans to expose President Duterte’s shady antics throughout the latter’s term. The vid has reached nearly 16k views as of writing, so you know this campaign isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

And true enough, Trillanes says he plans to dissect more issues – as if we needed any further reminders about how f*cked our government is. Thanks, Trillanes, but Senator Bato is doing a good enough job with that as it is.