Anne Curtis on rape culture and misogyny: ‘These people are harsh’

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Anne Curtis and Erwan Heussaff have had a long journey but finally, the hashtag #TheWanForAnne was made official when they got married on Sunday, November 12.

YouTube/Jason Magbanua

All anyone could do was be happy for the two, except, you know, those people with pesky little Facebook comments.

Twitter user @ssiral took notice and put receipts on the platform to raise awareness of how rape culture is still prevalent. It’s perpetuated through ways like the use of misogynistic language, as well as the objectification of a woman’s body, as well as sexual violence which is normalized in media and popular culture.

The Facebook users’ comments are all about an article titled “Anne Curtis no time to have a baby”.

One user said, “You are selfish. Why marry if you don’t want to be a mother? Just be an actress and then enjoy sex without bearing the responsibility of motherhood?”

Another commented, “Kung ganyan paniniwala mo, sana pag dumating yung panahon na gugustuhin mo na eh di ka na magkaroon.”

Another one said, “Kung ako magkakaroon ng asawa kalevel mo Anne, sorry, pero kahit ayaw niya, aanakan ko agad. But then again di ako kalevel ni Erwan.”

Anne, shocked, retweeted it and said, “Wow. These people are so harsh.”

“The headline is misleading too. I never said that. Maybe if they read the article they would see what I said was – WE JUST GOT MARRIED, can’t we enjoy that first before making the next big step of becoming parents,” Anne added.

“It’s our life anyway! Kalerky.”

You don’t get to decide how to run people’s lives and how they should live it. You go, Anne!

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