LOOK: Anne Curtis finally addresses her controversial ‘Jollibee’ and ‘B’lue’ ads

Gelo Lasin

The pvblic gets cheeky with Anne Curtis

If you’re like Anne Curtis, who appears in tons of ads every year, then you’re bound to have a few questionable ones once in a while.


The ‘Buy Bust’ actress recently engaged with netizens in an amusing back and forth regarding two of her controversial ads.

The first one came from Twitter user @wowkurtmaurice who presented this Jollibee ad



The netizen asked why ‘walang bawas yung food’ even though the poster depicts the actress savoring something she scooped with the spoon.

Anne gamely replied



The pvblic couldn’t help but chime in





Another Twitter user also asked what we’ve wanted to know all these years: What is up with that ‘Blu’e’ ad?



The infamous Blu’e ad was a subject of controversy as it seemingly suggested that Anne was drinking from the bottle with the cap on.

The actress put the issue to rest once and for all



Anne even quoted a tweet of one user who lightened up the image



The pvblic couldn’t help but be amused by the threads




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