People grow paranoid as Angkas nears end of trial run


Aside from Christmas and the holiday break, December, at least for this year, is set to hold another milestone: the end of Angkas’ six-month trial run.

To recap, the ride-hailing service was previously placed under a six-month trial run back in June by the Department of Transporation (DOTr). This was to give commuters some relief while legislators finalize bills that will recognize motorcycles as a legit mode of public transportation.

Angkas, which has faced government scrutiny and shutdowns since 2017, has been lauded by the pvblic as the answer to the ever-worsening traffic congestion in Manila.

Angkas, <b> People grow paranoid as Angkas nears end of trial run </b>

And as the deadline inches closer with each passing day, Angkas’ uncertain fate has now become a subject of paranoia among its patrons.

Twitter user @DreiMolero claims that operations will stop on December 15, which contrasts Top Gear PH’s report, which tagged the end of the run on the 26th of December.

Regardless of the real date, #SaveAngkas once again trended, with people voicing their support for the service.







But in case Angkas’ potential demise adds another layer of gloom to the rainy weather, things do look promising for the service.

Top Gear claims that DOTr will look to extend the trial run ‘based on Angkas’s stellar record for rider discipline, road safety, and quality of service’. While both parties have yet to confirm the news, the two have reportedly mutually agreed on the ruling in November.

Outside of rumors, Angkas is keeping their fingers crossed for a favorable decision, based on a statement back in November.

‘The most that we can do now is hope that the DOTr and our other stakeholders were able to see the merits of our service and how we are able to help alleviate the struggles of our countrymen in their daily commute so that they can finally allow the legalization and regulation of our service.’

Here’s hoping everything works out for the pvblic

Angkas, <b> People grow paranoid as Angkas nears end of trial run </b>