Angel Aquino confesses that Tony Labrusca tastes like strawberries

Gelo Lasin

At this point, Angel Aquino & Tony Labrusca’s kiss in ‘Glorious’ is a national icon. From thirst tweets to nasty memes, the controversial smooch has had people talking non-stop.

Hell, we would argue that the scene alone is the reason why the trailer’s racked up 1.1m views and counting.

Screengrab – YouTube

If you’re going to ask the two, the entire moment was one heck of a good time, with Angel confessing to reporter MJ Felipe that the actor is actually a good kisser who tastes like strawberry shortcakes.

An amusingly flushed Tony then counters with a compliment of his own, revealing that Angel taught her a thing or two about the art of locking lips.

Smooch revelations aside, it isn’t a stretch to say that the chemistry between the two is seriously off the charts. Did we just find the love team we never knew we needed?