Andi Eigenmann is living her best life in Baler and we want to follow suit!

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Andi Eigenmann has been living the life ever since she quit the showbiz industry and we’re going give you a taste of paradise.

“It’s when I started living with less that I started realizing how happy life could be,” Eigenmann tells ABS-CBN. She reveals she’s been busy with advocacies on keeping the environment clean. “Tapos tumutulong na rin sa pag-raise ng awareness on how to save our oceans and keep our environment clean.”

“If I wanted the life I had in the past, I wouldn’t have left showbiz. So go figure,” she said.

{Beaching until further notice} #MermaidWanders @bayudsiargao

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Chasing waves no matter the weather, with my @aigleph jacket. #MermaidWanders

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Andi shares she’s planning to stay in Baler and Siargao with her daughter Ellie and boyfriend Emilio Arambulo. “We go to Siargao all the time or Baler, where we are building our home with our own hands using sustainable materials. That’s my plan for the summer. We’ll use reused wood, or sustainable cement, using solar panels…”

Gettin’ a grip, on this Electric Century mini nose rider!🤙🏼#MermaidWanders

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Almost half a year ago, Ellie and I have began doing everything by ourselves. A lot have said that it was a crazy decision for me to make, but I dont regret it one bit. Life has been so much happier for us as soon as we started “living simply”. And the development in Ellie’s character has been immense! From learning how to do chores wo anybody telling her to do so, to allowing her to give away all her toys to the kids without any, and to seeing the world with me and learning about how to be a better human being day by day. My goal as a mother isnt to educate her to become rich, but to help her become the person she is, and the person she is meant to become. And to choose love and kindness, above all else. 📷 @josealfonsooo

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But it may be possible to watch Eigenmann on the big screen again one of these days. “If there’s an opportunity and if I get hired for something that I really want to do, madali naman ayusin ‘yun e. But like what I said, I’ll take it day by day.”

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“I wouldn’t trade this simple life for anything else because I have never been happier.”

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