An Analysis of Willie Revillame’s ALLTV gaslighting


Now, you know how it feels

The Internet apparently feels no remorse for Willie Revillame after he shared a statement about ALLTV’s shows taking a halt.

TV host Willie Revillame received flak online for his “gaslighting” address about the netizens’ reactions to rumors of the Villar-owned network ALLTV shows taking a sudden pause. What Revillame might have thought could be damage control to what was happening actually just added more fuel to the fire.

Instead of feeling remorse for the situation, the Internet actually took the opportunity to remind Kuya Wil of the irony of his actions. Among the people that tweeted about this was TV host Ogie Diaz.

The Internet never forgot about the ABS-CBN shutdown that happened during the peak of the pandemic when thousands of workers lost their jobs.

Now, the Internet called out his crocodile tears.

Another thing that seemed to rub the netizens off, even more, was Willie asking the public to “set aside politics”, as if the 2020 ABS-CBN shutdown was not due to politics, too. He said “Wag na po sanang haluan ng politika” while mentioning how he declined the president’s invitation for him to run for senator during the past elections thrice. He mentioned the past president Rodrigo Duterte, saying he “saluted” the former chief.

Netizens pointed out how the beginning of ALLTV was actually because of politics and how the politician he acknowledged was partly responsible for ABS-CBN’s closure back in 2020.

Moreover, the Internet now began to question all the “help” and “saya” he’s been “giving” the audience over the past years because it’s as if he’s using that as ammunition to guilt trip people on what to feel bout the rumors surrounding the network.

True enough, politics is not the only reason why the network is reportedly stopping their shows, but one can never truly set aside politics especially when it is a motivation for a lot of things in the country including the mere existence of the network he is crying about.

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