‘Among Us’ will have a VR version, so you can be sus in 3D


During the earlier days of quarantine, people were clinging to different things to keep them sane. One of which would probably be digital games like Among Us. While it probably isn’t everyone’s go-to game anymore, it will soon get an official VR adaptation, which still stays true to its OG format.

The Among US VR trailer debuted at the 2021 Game Awards, which showed a first-person POV of a character or a crewmate accomplishing a task. Another player then appears out of nowhere, seemingly ready to attack, with suspenseful music playing in the background. It definitely gives you a glimpse of what the game would be like.

Game developer Innersloth’s official blog states that the new rendition will support the multiplayer experience where people can literally have an emergency meeting together. It read, ‘This new 3D experience will place you and our suspicious spacebeans in the heart of the Skeld, with all of the core mechanics of teamwork and betrayal you know and love.’

While there isn’t an official release date included on the game’s trailer, it confirmed that the VR version would be available to play via the Meta Quest 2, Steam, and PlayStation VR platforms. It is also being developed in partnership with Schell Games and Robot Teddy.

Among Us is a social deception game that involves multiple players who are given the role of either a crewmate or an impostor. Crewmates are tasked to complete a list of tasks on a spaceship, while an impostor is a character who tries to kill other members without getting caught.

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